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ABL can automate your existing gates whether they
are sliding or swinging gates. We only use the highest quality
motors and control gear. We can find a solution to any of
your access problems, depending on your particular


There are many types of gate automation product available
today and many differing views on the equipment available. However,
the products can generally be split into two categories. The first
being Electro-Mechanical and the second being Electro-Hydraulic.
The benefits of each system are detailed below:

Electro-Hydraulic systems: These are generally more heavy duty
than Electro-Mechanical systems and are rated for much higher
operational facilities. One benefit is that they contain less moving
parts than the Electro-Mechanical products, resulting in longer life.

Electro-Mechanical systems: These are designed for use with
lighter weight domestic gates which involves lower duty cycle.
They are usually more economical than the Electro-Hydraulic systems.



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